Launching a Salesforce data integration to make sure you never miss another lead

Fospha’s Salesforce integration automates the digestion of data  

Want to make the most of your customer relationship management (CRM) data? Then integrating Salesforce data into your existing database is a no brainer.

Having your data in one place provides a more accurate measurement of sales and revenue, creates a unified view of marketing effectiveness, and makes daily reporting a seamless and automatic process.

“Previously, we had to integrate our CRM data manually, which was incredibly time-consuming. Fospha’s Salesforce Ingestion App allows us to assimilate large amounts of CRM data quickly and efficiently, leaving our sales team with more time to find and pursue important leads.” –  Ben Austen, Head of Marketing at AVADO 

The integration of CRM data into a clients Customer Data Platform provides them access to key insights and improves the accuracy of lead generation through new tools such as Fospha’s customer evaluation and scoring solution.


How does the integration of Salesforce data help marketers and sales?

To track daily sales and leads, most companies depend on producing reports manually – a laborious process that often results in a slow time-to-action for potential customers. To make daily reporting easier, and to speed up time-to-action, traditional methods of integration have been used to ingest CRM data into a company’s existing database.

However, traditional methods of integration such as file transfer protocols (FTP) and API feeds are time consuming, and often unreliable. For example, FTP can be temperamental with missing or delayed updates caused by emails failing to reach the server, compromising visibility on sales and leads. Traditional API connections are also problematic in that they often cause companies to incur further expense by setting up additional profiles.


How to easily integrate Salesforce data with an existing customer data platform

Fospha’s Salesforce Ingestion App makes CRM integration more accurate, affordable, and reliable. It also makes daily reporting more efficient, without the need for additional expense through API or FTP integrations. The solution provides a system which effectively assimilates a company’s salesforce data into their existing customer data platform.

Once downloaded, a profile is assigned to the client which enables the client to have complete control over privileges and permissions, so they can choose what data is visible to Fospha. The tool then connects via an API feed to the client’s existing customer data platform.

The app requires no further calibration once the data ingestion is complete, which allows sales teams to automate the reporting process, distributing daily insights quickly and easily. The app is highly agile, creating or repeating additional reports to include new information in a matter of minutes – helping sales teams to quickly identify, and act on key leads as they are nurtured.

The app helps to provide a unified view of marketing effectiveness, with data  insights into the value of individual channels. Showing which channels have played a direct role in generating a sale, or a key lead, this data-driven attribution model aids marketers in redistributing spend across more effective channels, optimizing return on investment (ROI).

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