Multi-Touch Attribution

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What is Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)?

Multi-touch attribution modelling is used to accurately assess the value of each individual touchpoint and understand where marketing spend is working hardest.

Our team of data science experts help marketers to increase ROI and drive customer lifetime value, meaning better brand experiences for our clients’ customers and better outcomes for the marketing team.

Fospha’s multi-touch attribution product is powered by a customer data platform that consolidates and connects data sources for analysis. We unlock valuable data insights that reduce cost, increase efficiency and drive growth.

Why is Multi-Touch Attribution important?

Technological change has greatly increased the ways in which customers find out about a company’s products or services, and their journeys are rarely a linear progression from one point in the sales funnel to another.

Marketers who don’t have the insight afforded by multi-channel attribution can find that:

  • Traditional models don’t reflect the complexity of modern customer journeys
  • First-click or last-click models only cover limited touchpoints
  • Linear models don’t assign weight to different channels

Off-the-shelf models don’t take all available data into account – giving you a skewed view of each channel’s effectiveness. When marketers can’t attribute value to marketing channels accurately, they’re not getting a clear overview of the return on investment (ROI) for each marketing channel, meaning that budgets can’t be allocated optimally.

3 ways that Multi-Touch Attribution can add value

1. Better understand your customer journey

Create a single customer view and visualise the entire customer journey by joining up disparate data sources. Our MTA model then analyses the entire customer journey (whether it’s two days or two months), using on average 56% more data to measure marketing performance than first or last-click.

2. Get a multi-channel view of your marketing performance

Data-Driven Multi-Touch Attribution is an evolved version of the standard Multi-Touch Attribution model. It uses machine learning to accurately pinpoint the most important touchpoint on the way to conversion. Identifying low and high performing channels allows marketers to redistribute marketing spend to increase return on investment (ROI), or revenue.

3. Surface actionable search insights to improve customer acquisition and retention

Our zero-performance keyword report helps marketers to identify underperforming keywords so that they can reduce marketing spend, without impacting revenue.

Easily integrated with existing Martech platforms such as Kenshoo, our budget planner helps marketers to automate the keyword bidding process. This replaces human-led decision and leaves marketers with more time to search for and implement important insights.

AVADO saved £200,000 in AdWords spend and increased marketing ROI by 30% by using Multi-Touch Attribution.

4. Compare Multi-Touch Attribution and single-touch Models

Run data-driven attribution alongside First/last click models to identify where reporting gaps exist and to get one view of the customer journey across all channels and devices.

Fospha’s start small and grow approach builds a business case for investment delivering initial insights within 30 days of integration, showcasing value before spend is scaled.

If you want to learn about how a customer data platform’s and marketing attribution drive increased ROI, then get in touch at to find out more.

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