Meet the A-team: Jamie Bolton, Senior Attribution Consultant

Jamie is a Senior Attribution Consultant at Fospha. He works closely with senior leaders in travel, retail and finance industry to help them identify and tackle their biggest marketing challenges.

What types of challenges do potential clients discuss with you?

Clients come to me with a variety of different problems. My job is to work side by side with them to break these problems down – finding the root cause and then building up to a practical and workable solution.

In my experience, most conversations I have with our current and potential clients boil down to three essential challenges:

  1. Needing to maximize profit by cutting costs
  2. Poor visibility of overall marketing performance, caused by inefficient data management
  3. The inability to see effective routes for investment to grow their business

Identifying these root problems allows me to work together with clients to develop processes, reporting, and goals that will deliver value in the shortest amount of time. Making a stepwise plan and watching it unfold successfully gives me a lot of satisfaction.

In today’s world, companies live and die by data and need it faster than ever. How do you manage client expectations with rapid delivery times?

You’re absolutely right, data is so key, and a theme I see in the market is that businesses are tired of waiting 6-12 months before seeing value from their data projects – and it doesn’t need to be that way! One of the interesting things about working in tech and especially in data is the rate of change and evolution – projects that would have taken weeks or months to complete a few years ago, can now be accomplished in days.

At Fospha, we take pride in delivering real value within 30-days of onboarding. This consistent commitment to the rate and regularity of value delivery, is built around our fundamental principle of ‘start small and grow’. This means that instead of focusing on chasing massive and complex problems within a business, we break problems down and work incrementally, building towards the same goal, but also delivering chunks of value consistently and regularly along the way.

One of my favourite projects from the last 12 months is our work with the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, who joined us as a client in December 2018 with a really tight focus on delivering operational efficiency and cost savings in a couple of their performance channels. Having reached several milestones and delivered value with this project, in less than 6 months we are now working with an expanded scope and across the full channel mix. We are exploring how additional Fospha products can accelerate strategic growth for them worldwide. Our work together is having a material impact on the business, and their requirements are also helping us drive our product forward as we adapt to deliver to their more complex needs. It’s great to see the impact data can have with such a simple approach.


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