Query in a new skin: Fospha launches latest release of self-service reporting and analysis interface

Query in a new skin: Fospha launches latest release of self-service reporting and analysis interface


Fospha is excited to have launched the newest release of Query, its self-service reporting and analysis interface with the Customer Data Platform. Query gives users the chance to query and segment data via its suite of standard reports and dashboards. Now, the gateway to deep-dive, granular data is available in a brand new skin.


According to a 2018 report by Widen, one of the primary challenges of utilising marketing data lies in the ‘management of data across different platforms’ (13.7%) and in ‘distillation of premium data from numerous data sources’ (11.6%). Blueshift and TechValidate said two challenges that prevented US marketers from making better use of Customer data were ‘Analysis’ (54%) and ‘Access’ (46%) to the data. What’s the answer? A centralised data hub where users can easily access and bring data to life through easy-to-use visualisations.



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Query gives organisations the transparency they need to make vital decisions on marketing optimisation and spend. Be it a simple overview of your PPC analysis or a detailed customer journey analysis, Query lets users to embrace the value of data through Fospha’s algorithmic model. Our extensive list of report categories means you can understand the true performance of your marketing channels.


Standard marketing performance reports are joined by our drag-and-drop report-building functionality so users can create bespoke reports. Query’s report management functionality lets you leverage daily reports and schedule delivery directly to your inbox and to anywhere else your organisation needs.


Query’s outputs integrate well with third-party dashboarding interfaces like Tableau and bid management platforms like Kenshoo. Now, insights can be operationalised and used to optimise spend at scale, and it’s all automated.


That’s Query: part of Fospha’s commitment to marketing transparency across the customer journey.




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Fospha’s Multi-Touch Attribution solution helps businesses work out where to spend the next dollar/pound of their marketing budget. Integrating disparate data sources from across the business, we give our customers a holistic view of their marketing data and provide the insight and tools that enable our clients to drive conversions and improve marketing ROI.

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