Fospha Successfully Integrates with Bid Management Platforms…

Kenshoo Fospha Integration Paid Search Optimisation

Fospha have successfully demonstrated the ability to boost paid search conversions by integrating with bid management platforms.



Fospha’s Customer Data Platform is now able to integrate with a range of bid management platforms in order to operationalise our paid search solution.

The solution integrates our clients’ customer interactions, and harnesses our proprietary, data-driven, multi-touch attribution model to accurately attribute value to their paid search channels. The unique algorithm then matches cost and revenue data to this channel, in order to determine the exact value of each and every individual keyword a client is bidding on.

This provides clients with visibility on which bids are leading to customer conversions, and which are not and are instead a drain on their resources. Once this data is integrated with a bid management platform – a task that Fospha carries out seamlessly – clients can automatically shift their budget between over and under-represented keywords in order to decrease their cost of customer acquisition, and increase ROI.

One of Fospha’s biggest successes has been through an integration with Kenshoo. A clients’ cross-channel attributed data was fed directly into the bid management platform’s bidding algorithm – operationalising these insights at scale, and in real-time. This integration does not affect clients’ use of Kenshoo; optimisation is achieved through Fospha’s rich data source which is directly fed into Kenshoo’s algorithm from our system.

Using this solution, Fospha have helped one client understand that 50% of their keywords were not contributing to conversions and, when integrated with Kenshoo, these insights were operationalised to increase their ROI by 30%. Click here to learn more about how we worked with this client to achieve these results.

By boosting keyword savings in this way, Fospha provides a seamless solution for optimising channel spend and cost of customer acquisition across all paid search.

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In line with our successful bid management platform integrations, Fospha have also developed solutions across multiple marketing channels, such as Facebook and email, so that clients can harness a Customer Data Platform to optimise multiple channels at once.

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