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The Fospha data science team ran the first ever Blenheim Chalcot Hackathon with the aim of scouting out new data science talent. The two-day event received 150 applicants of which 30 were chosen to attend. The 30 chosen applicants demonstrated strong mathematical academic grounding and as well as solid coding skills. Most had studied high analytical subjects such as maths, statistics or computer science at university to undergraduate, masters and even doctorial level. There were also several strong applicants who already had serval years of experience working in the field of data science. The versatile nature of the BC portfolio means that there are positions available both graduates and experienced professionals as well as a pathway tailored your own personal growth.


The event started on Friday afternoon with a series of talks given by members of the Fospha team (‘Hack-Squad’) at the Blenhiem Chalcot headquarters in Hammersmith. These talks included an introduction to the Blenhiem Chalcot portfolio and specific technical advice on the task they would face the next day.


Saturday was competition day and for this the applicants were taken to Fospha’s new home at the Imperial University Innovation Hub. For the task ahead, the applicants had been split into several teams the day before so by the time they arrived office at 9am they were ready to hit the ground running.


The task for the teams was to interact with a database and from which there were required to formulate their own question. They were then expected to attempt to answer this question through modelling and analysing the data sets they extracted from the data base. In line with the work the Fospha data science team has been doing for instrumental, the database for the Hackathon contained data about the Music industry.


The task could broadly be split into three main segments. The first required the teams to explore the database and formulate a question and then remove the relevant data sets. The second part involved the team exploring the data and then conducting analysis on this data from which relevant conclusions could be drawn. The third and final part involved the teams pitching their findings to the other teams and some of Fospha’s Data scientists. This year’s winning team pitched a presentation that looked to answer the question of ‘When will the Doors release another Greatest Hits Album?’.


The Hackathon provided a great chance for everyone to collaborate with and learn from each other. The two days also provided the Fospha team with a good insight into capabilities of the applicants. The team were highly impressed with the standard and as a direct result of the Hackathon, Blenheim Chalcot is looking forward to welcoming 10 of the hackers into positions in the business in September.


We look forward to holding another Hackathon in the future, keep a look out on the careers section of the website for more information.




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