Out with the Old and in with the New : Welcome to Fospha Marketing

Article published by Fay Miller, Chief Marketing Officer at Fospha.

AI and data science. Everybody wants it but not many marketers actually understand how it can be applied on a practical level and least of all, articulate the value it will deliver.

One of the obstacles is often the sheer scale of the opportunity which can be intimidating. Where do you even begin?

Prospective Client: “What do you do?”

Data Science Consultant: “What do you want us to do?”

“How long is a piece of string” would be a more than appropriate response.

Understanding how AI and data science can be applied to solve marketing problems is key to adding business value that can be measured in currency, whether that’s dollars, euros or pounds.

Talking to our existing clients, we realized that we needed to do a better job at articulating the value we deliver and how we deliver it. As a result we’ve completely changed the way we talk about our products.

That’s not all that has changed, we’ve evolved our brands’ visual identity with a new look and feel for Fospha Marketing which launches with a new suite of packaged attribution products powered by AI and data science.

So, we have a new brand, we’ve articulated client value, how then would we bring it to life through design?

Enter, stage left, Moskito, an independent creative agency, who created our new visual identity. We spoke to them to understand more about the creative process and how Thiago Taniguchi and Paola Taccardi, Creative Directors, brought Fospha’s brand personality to life.

Creative Q&A with Thiago Taniguchi, Creative & Agency Director and Paola Taccardi

Q. What was the initial brief from Fospha?

Fospha had gone a ‘product first’ route which provided a strong foundation. We’d previously worked with Fay Miller when she lead EMEA Measurement Marketing at Facebook, her first task was a brand re-org followed by a re-brand project which we embraced wholeheartedly.

The Fospha brand needed personality and personalization to reflect the culture and cutting-edge nature of the work they do. Many competitors’ brands were very corporate and visually dry.  Fospha wanted to highlight the human team working with clients daily as well as the machine learning and data science. The main challenge for the re-brand was to bring the digital/technology together with the human side.

Q. What is the rationale behind the new design?

Data is science. Numbers. Bytes. But in our quest to see the data it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that it’s ultimately about people. How we think, how we act, how we live. At Fospha, they’re data scientists, and you don’t dumb down data. But you do need to make it easier for clients to understand theirs. Making it relevant, vibrant and relatable. This is what we’ve captured in the spirit of the new brand: like the most popular figure heads from all branches of science. What makes it special and stand out is giving intelligence a human face.

Q. How did you bring to life Fospha’s brand through the creative concepts and visual identity? 

Fospha’s output can often be quite abstract, numeric and it lives in a digital realm. At the heart of Fospha isn’t the data but the data scientists mining the data for insights and leading the deep dives. We started designing with “creative visual elements” like the Bold Italic Brackets. Bold, like Fospha’s main value proposition. Italic, because it’s dynamic, it keeps moving. Then brackets were important because it’s a typographic character borrowed from the language of Math. The Bracket metaphor here works like a window opened onto another world of colors and cheerful content. While it may seem a closed environment, Fospha lives outside – outside the box.

Q. How has the Fospha brand evolved? How have you taken it to the next level?

The first drafts were more linear and static. Sam Carter (CEO) and Fay Miller (CMO), had a captivating and constructively critical approach, pushing us to think more “outside the box” and so we did, creating a variety of ad hoc illustrations coming from the “internal side” of the brackets, bringing them to life.

Q. What brand architecture does the new design encapsulate?

It was important to future proof the brand, data science and artificial intelligence are exploding. Fospha wanted to create sub-brands that have a more direct and personal approach to their audiences as the practical application of data science and its value for business evolved. We created a uniform application of the brand identity that gave each Brand room to create a unique and stand-alone identity while feeling like part of the Fospha family.

Q. Talk us through the thinking behind the color palette.

Most of Fospha’s communication assets live in a digital world, which is why we’ve applied fresh but bold colors. Cold colors are often used to promote brands whose core business is science and digital technologies. We wanted to keep the blue and light water blue, but we wanted to make them as bright as possible. The nature of the brand complexity meant other secondary palettes were required. We decided to compliment the cold colors with warmer ones, from a light purple/wisteria color to a very warm and natural coral red. This was one of the trickiest areas to get right. We tried several combinations before settling on the right one.

Q. What are the main principles behind the logo and illustrations?

Symbols populate our everyday life, there so integrated into our day to day, we often don’t notice them anymore. They are conventions created for ease by people for people: visual shortcuts summarizing more complex information in a simple and relatable way.

We loved the idea of reinterpreting Code and Math symbols. But could something that abstract and scientific turn into something meaningful? The challenge in our execution was to keep Fospha’s core business focus while also being fresh and innovative.

Q. What have you enjoyed most about the process? And then working with Fospha?

Thiago: “The process has been super exciting. It’s not every day that a client asks you to redesign their brand. It requires a lot of trust. The process was so smooth that actually we were a bit surprised with the ease and flow of it”

Paola: “I loved the way Fay and Sam have always been engaged. They’ve been reactive and thought provoking in their feedback. It’s been a real collaboration between Moskito Design and Fospha with the process a continuous conversation and a collaboration of ideas.”

As we launch our Fospha brands this week we send huge thanks to Thiago and Paola for their awesome work, inspiring creative and a great collaborative working partnership.