The Marketer’s Guide to Multi-Touch Attribution

The world of consumer activity is changing. So how can you capture customer interactions, and assign true value to marketing activities?


of advertising spend growth to happen between 2017-2020.


of CEOs expect CMOs to lead top-line revenue growth.


The biggest problems marketers have is measuring the ROI of their activities (46% consider it their #1 challenge) and measuring marketing effectiveness.  As more emphasis is put on demonstrating marketing effectiveness, marketers need to be able to show the impact marketing spend is having on the business.

The challenges around measuring ROI and effectiveness are driven largely by an overreliance on the tools and reports that ad platforms and channel partners provide. They often give limited windows into performance that lack an independent view and which leads to silos.

Find out how multi-touch attribution can unlock your data across the customer journey to provide a better understanding of what part of your marketing budget is working hardest. Allowing you to start solving your biggest challenges and focus on acquiring new customers, growing loyalty and customer lifetime value.

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Fospha – the Customer Data Platform specialists – integrates all your data sources into one centralised data platform, providing you with a granular, single customer view. From here, we provide you with the unique tools to understand, and act upon, your data to drive conversions, ROI and reduce dropouts.


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