Guide to Multi-Touch Attribution

In this multi-touch attribution guide, we discuss what multi-touch attribution is, and why is it becoming so central to modern marketing.



The customer journey is becoming increasingly complex. 


Today’s shoppers are now using multiple devices and channels on their path to conversion.

Without visibility of this multi-touch, multi-visit journey, marketers cannot untangle the cost and value associated with each channel and device. And, without this, they cannot hope to understand how best to market.

The solution is to give marketers visibility of their entire customer journey, and the associated costs.

Data-driven, multi-touch attribution is becoming ever more key to effective marketing, and these models are now being hailed as the way forward for accurate value attribution – read this blog for even more information!


In this Multi-Touch Attribution guide, we examine:

  • The problem facing today’s marketers
  • The definition of attribution
  • Current attribution models – and their downfalls
  • How to make your attribution a success
  • What a data-driven, multi-channel attribution model entails
  • The difference between channel-specific and data-driven models
  • The Markov Model

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