Guide to Customer Data Platforms

In this Customer Data Platform guide, we discuss what a Customer Data Platform is, and why they are becoming so central to modern marketing.



The biggest pain companies face is managing cost of customer acquisition and maximising lifetime value.


Today’s shoppers are tech savvy and move from one device to another on the way to conversion.

Without governance of this multi-touch, multi-visit data you cannot untangle the cost and value associated with each customer, and therefore cannot understand the best way to target them.

The solution is to empower marketers with this data, so that they can make informed decisions.

Integrating data is becoming ever more key to effective marketing, and the Customer Data Platform is now being hailed as the way forward for integration and achieving a single customer view.


In this Customer Data Platform guidewe examine:

  • The problem facing today’s marketers
  • The definition of a Customer Data Platform
  • What Customer Data Platforms are designed to do
  • Why marketers should use a Customer Data Platform
  • How Customer Data Platforms are used to integrate, understand and act upon data
  • Who benefits from implementing a Customer Data Platform
  • The difference between a Customer Data Platform and Data Management Platform

About Fospha

Fospha – the Customer Data Platform specialists – integrates all your data sources into one centralised data platform, providing you with a granular, single customer view. From here, we provide you with the unique tools to understand, and act upon, your data to drive conversions, ROI and reduce dropouts.


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