How Direct Line Group saved 500 days by taking control of their data (case study)

How Direct Line Group saved 500 days by taking control of their data (case study)

Direct Line Group (DLG) is a United Kingdom insurance company. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, and a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index, DLG were winners in this year’s Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) effectiveness award for best new learning in recognition of their long-term brand building activities.

Identifying marketing weaknesses

With multiple brands, products, and distribution channels, DLG had siloed data channels making it difficult to process the massive amount of consumer data.
Sitting in silos across the different branches of their business, their data was highly fragmented. This made finding and distributing basic consumer insights very time consuming, with their data teams forced to create information packs manually using Excel.
Lack of data consolidation also made it difficult for DLG’s analysts and marketers to understand their customers’ entire digital journey to conversion – identifying where and why they were losing customers.
DLG came to Fospha with the goal of creating a unified view of customers’ digital journeys, linking them with economic factors to quantify how much ‘drop-outs’ are costing them. They also wanted to have more efficient access to their data to find, distribute, and implement key insights more easily, optimizing marketing effectiveness.

Consolidating existing datasets

To view customer journeys on an individual basis, Fospha processes Adobe digital data daily and complements it with additional data sources (Call centre, Webchat, Surveys). The data is then augmented – via Customer stitching, Customer Journeys, multiple advanced goals – to provide visibility on the entire customer journeys.

Creating a consolidated view of these journeys Fospha combined Direct Line Group’s existing siloed data using our customer data platform (CDP). We then combined this with data from a variety of different sources, including Adobe digital, and webchat, to highlight customer behaviours.

These merged data streams integrated seamlessly into Direct Line Group’s visualization program, which is now refreshed daily with these new data sets. Using Fospha’s Query tool they were able to navigate all of their data and create easy to use reports, to access all the information they needed in one place. The Direct Line team has direct access to their database where they can query all of their data. This made creating, sharing, and implementing insights far more efficient, with their analytics and data team able to prioritize analysis over finding or cleaning data and making the data highly visible and easy to consume to the rest of the business.

Consolidating their data into a CDP has enabled their team to save approximately 500 days of effort per year.

A singular detailed view of their customers’ digital journeys also allowed Direct Line Group to identify the biggest ‘drop out’ areas in their online marketing and to highlight the economic affect these have on both conversion rate and revenue.

Understanding customer behaviour

Using Fospha’s agile solutions, Direct Line Group are now able to understand the economics of their customer journey and can easily access highly detailed customer information on a massive scale. These granular insights allow Direct Line Group to not only understand where customers are dropping out of their journey, but also why.
The team at Direct Line Group not only have access to Fospha’s bespoke Customer Data Platform and dashboarding tool Query, but also have the support of our customer success and solution engineering teams, who consult on quarterly strategic projects, layering in additional data in order to support their analytical and reporting requirements.

“We are currently saving approximately 500 days effort per year within my team. This will only grow this year though as we branch out into more areas e.g. market and competitor data – and as we increase general use and expand our output within the department.” – Dan Bennetts – Digital Insight Manager

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