How Contentive supercharged personalization in 2018 (case study)

How Contentive supercharged personalization in 2018 (case study)

About Contentive

A global media and events company, Contentive is known for its success in building engaged international communities – helping B2B (business to business) marketers create industry-leading content and generate leads across finance, fintech, human resources, and

digital marketing. Contentive has nine industry-leading brands, millions of subscribed readers, and thousands of touchpoints that its audiences interact with every day.


Increasing digital audience engagement

Contentive first approached Fospha with the goal of increasing online engagement by boosting both open and click-through rates of their weekly email newsletter. To achieve this, they needed to improve personalization, providing unique customer experiences that increase brand loyalty and engagement on their clients’ advertising. 

Fospha’s unified data platform not only solved the problem of data silos within the organization, helping to create a more integrated overview of customers’ digital journeys, but also enabled them to carry out more effective analysis by segmenting their consumer base into more meaningful groups.

Contentive saw an increase in open rates from 5% to 30%, and a 300% increase in click-through rates in just 30 days.

Delivering an advanced audience clustering strategy

After successfully helping Contentive improve their newsletter engagement we went one step further looking at unifying all of their data points and sources.

Fospha started by creating a Customer Data Platform (CDP) in order to consolidate, analyze, and utilize Contentive’s existing consumer data.

We then used their AI audience clustering algorithm to segment readers into different groups based on information such as device used, frequency of readership, and channels interacted with.

These clusters allowed Contentive to personalize their email marketing campaigns to interact with readers that were more likely to convert, delivering the right content, to the right people, at the right time. Fospha also provided content recommendations for each cluster, suggesting the most relevant articles based on what they have clicked on or read in the past.

Integrating advanced clusters with Marketo led to a 500% increase in open rates, and a 900% increase in click-through rates.

Contentive was also able to apply these advanced clusters across social media, targeting users who share characteristics with profitable groups with personalized ads relevant to their interests.

Facebook personalized ads saw a 32% increase in click-through rates, and 18% growth in subsequent customer conversions.


Understanding the conversion rate of each channel

Granular insights into audience behavior gained through our multi-touch attribution model (MTA) helped Contentive to more accurately analyze the effectiveness of its different marketing channels.

While the brands were previously confined to last-click attribution, Fospha’s MTA model allowed them to fully understand their consumers’ digital journey, providing insights on a granular level and measuring any online touchpoints that played a role in the route to conversion. Contentive was then able to assess how much credit each online marketing activity deserved and re-allocate their marketing budget where needed.

Bigger audience, better visibility, better engagement

Fospha helped Contentive to increase visibility of their consumers’ digital journeys, improving personalization and customer experience.

A more unified view of their consumers, with more granular insights into their activities and interests, not only helped Contentive to increase its weekly newsletter click-through and open rates, but also helped to improve its targeted advertising campaigns on social media.

Moving away from their previous model of last-click attribution to Fospha’s multi-touch attribution model also means that they will be able to see which marketing channels are really working, prioritizing marketing spend and increasing return on investment.

Now, as a result of increased engagement and new revenue streams already seen by the collaboration, Fospha’s relationship with Contentive continues to grow, extending to other parts of their business.

“Our relationship with Fospha started with helping us to solve one problem but has quickly led us to completely rethink the way in which we operate as a business. It has created a new data foundation far above our competitors that has enabled us to understand our readers at a individual level, and use new technologies like Artificial Intelligence to operationalize our data to deliver a unified customer experience. We continue to use their technology to reinvent how we engage with our readers and deliver value to our clients. On top of this, their multi-touch-attribution model enables us to be more effective in where we spend our marketing budget.”  Sam Lawson, Portfolio Director, Digital Marketing, ClickZ & Search Engine Watch (Part of Contentive)”

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