How AVADO consolidated their data and increased ROI by 30% (case study)

How AVADO consolidated their data and increased ROI by 30% (case study)

AVADO is an e-learning platform that provides professional training, offering face-to-face and digital programs for high-profile companies like Google – allowing people anywhere to gain professional qualifications to further their career.


Increasing visibility of consumer journeys

AVADO came to Fospha because of increasing customer acquisition costs, and an overreliance on paid search. Their complex online to offline sales process meant they had a limited view of the relationship between digital marketing spend and revenue.

Lack of visibility of their marketing channels’ performance meant that it was difficult to increase return on investment (ROI) by experimenting with new strategies.

Fospha’s solutions yielded a 30% increase in return on investment.

With an increasingly complex customer journey (multiple brands, websites, and offline and online sale processes), AVADO wanted to gain a clearer view of their consumers’ path to conversion. They also wanted to create a unified customer data source that they could use to track marketing channel performance, in the most accurate way possible.


Building a consolidated data platform

We reviewed AVADO’s existing marketing processes and data to identify the areas that would prevent them from tracking their entire customer journey. Based on these results we introduced an advanced from of tracking to their website, linking individual customers with their digital touchpoints and leads.

We integrated this information into Fospha’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), where individual customer journeys were tracked across AVADO’s multiple online brands, devices, and marketing channels, creating a single customer view.

Fospha enriched this view by layering in cost, sales, and revenue, data from AVADO’s offline customer relationship management (CRM) system. This helped to bridge the gap between online and offline, creating a more accurate picture of the relationship between digital spend and revenue.

Replacing AVADO’s last-touch attribution model (which only considers a consumer’s final touchpoint) with our more sophisticated, data-driven multi-touch attribution (MTA) algorithm, we were able to show the precise value of every touchpoint in a consumer’s journey to conversion.

“Fospha’s MTA solution helps us make sense of our marketing data and to make better allocations with spend.” – Ben Austen, Head of Marketing at AVADO

Eliminating zero performance AdWords

Integrating these findings with Kenshoo (agile marketing software which carries out bid management) Fospha were able to run a zero-performance keyword report to find any keywords which were underperforming.

We found that:

  • 30% of keywords were being spent on words that played no role in historic or forecasted conversion
  • 20% of keywords were under invested in, playing a role in conversion but not recognized by last-click.

Allowing Kenshoo to bid on keywords with the highest rate of performance automated the bidding process, increasing accuracy and helping AVADO to make dynamic changes to their keyword spending strategy.

As a result, AVADO were able to save £200,000 in AdWords spend. A consolidated view of their marketing effectiveness provided through our reporting tool, Query, also made it easier for their marketing team to access, understand, and implement important insights.

“By breaking down silos within our organization, in an affordable and agile way, Fospha’s solution has bought consolidated, accessible data to the heart of our business.” Ben Austen, Head of Marketing at AVADO

As AVADO’s relationship with Fospha develops, the unified view of their consumers’ activities, made possible through our CDP, and MTA algorithm will help them to predict the effectiveness of other marketing channels, such as email and Facebook, using our marketing mix modelling (MMM) techniques. You can learn more about the predictive powers of MMM in our blog here.

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