Moving to Multi-Touch Attribution for Marketing Channel Optimisation

Fospha provided our client with a data-driven, multi-touch attribution model in order to optimise their priority marketing channels.


Our client lacked visibility on their end-to-end customer journey. As a result, they were unable to accurately identify which marketing channels and activities provided the best value and presented the most opportunity for scale.

They approached Fospha for help gaining visibility of their digital touch points, in order to understand the accurate value and ROI of each marketing channel, in order to be able to re-evaluate investment.

Fospha implemented their multi-touch attribution solution to provide full visibility of their customer math, with a preliminary focus on their paid search marketing channels. After providing in-depth keyword reports that highlighted which individual keywords were contributing to conversions, which were not, and where investment should be reallocated, Fospha put together a plan to use multi-touch attribution modelling to tackle both their social and email channels.

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