Squad Diary: How a cross-functional Fospha team developed a lead scoring solution

 Squad Diary: How a cross-functional Fospha team developed a lead scoring solution 

October 2018 



Fospha staff: what’s new? 


The last few months have been a really exciting time for Fospha employees. New faces as the team grows, more company events than ever, and relocating to Accelerate Places in the Translation & Innovation Hub (I-HUB) at Imperial White City Campus have all contributed to a buzz around the office.  

But perhaps the most interesting development over the period has been the deployment of cross-functional ‘squads’, spanning different teams and departments, challenging their members to solve problems through developing products and solutions for Fospha.  


What do you get if you add sales, marketing, data science, engineering, and customer success?.. A Fospha Squad


Early in Q3 of this year, I found myself sat in a meeting room, a lone salesperson within an eclectic mix of my colleagues from the likes of data science, customer success, engineering, and marketing. We’d been prompted with a loose objective to use our solution to build more operational outputs for customers, directly solving more of their marketing problems. At first, we struggled to narrow down an idea; after all, the possibilities of applying data science to marketing are almost endless! But before long, drawing on the experiences and expertise of the cross-functional mix within our group, we began to hone in on identifying real needs within the market, and developing ideas about how to meet them.  

Fast-forward a few months, and our squad has now developed a comprehensive lead-scoring solution, powered by machine learning sifting through highly granular customer data. It supplies clients with ranked leads on a daily basis, allowing them to identify which potential customers to focus on; and beyond simply identifying the best leads also allows them to target different groups with different messaging.  


Working in a squad like this was a really interesting (and fun) experience that allowed me to learn and communicate with my colleagues effectively, as we drew on one another’s skills and experiences. A series of clients are adopting our lead scoring product, and we look forward to developing it further. Several other Fospha squads were setup during this period, and each has developed its own approach based on its objectives and the ideas that it generated.  


So how did all this come about?

The idea… 

Months earlier, our CEO Sam Carter, and our Head of Product Dom Devlin, hit upon the idea of developing some sort of cross-functional structure within Fospha. They’d become aware of similar initiatives taking places at forward-looking tech companies, who were experimenting with approaches like this. They recognised that rigidly verticalised teams were not as productive, and that they can encourage the development and ossification of organisational silos- blocking people from collaborating and working efficiently.  

Discussions began at Fospha about how best to develop cross-functional mechanisms to facilitate communication across the company, encouraging agile working practices. The idea was to join sales, product, and engineering and create feedback mechanisms, and to get the ‘whole business’ involved in product development.  

From this idea, squads were born. We’re looking forward to seeing what they lead to next!  



Ashley works in Sales for Fospha. Interested in finding out more about our lead scoring solution, or Fospha in general? Get in touch at: ashley.jones@fospha.com 


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