Marrying up online and offline data – our take on Invoca’s latest integration

Marrying up online and offline data – our take on Invoca’s latest integration


Invoca has announced a new enhanced integration with Google Marketing Platform and AMP Support that now means users can understand the relationship between call volume and conversions. It’s another tool that aims to give marketeers an understanding of the impact of their work on sales. However, with this tool, it’s still a challenge to take control of all your data.


Invoca is a business that connects phone calls and conversions to customers’ digital journeys. It was founded in 2008 and has just released a new system, theoretically more advanced than any other.


With the new release the service has improved. They’ve used data analytics to predict what is likely to happen in future circumstances, i.e. understand the likelihood that a particular outcome comes to pass. There are also benefits in the integration with the rest of the Google ecosystem. One of which being Google Ads Customer Match, which enables you to automate retargeting (and suppression) of customers that you’ve already spoken to with direct response videos on YouTube. And, this can all be done without sacrificing organic search result position.


However, the product remains limited to tracking solely the relationship between one customer touch-point (telephone) with others, and isn’t able to capture the complete customer journey. There is significant value in call centre teams in reporting the outcomes of their efforts, but the results will not be fully accurate as they don’t incorporate their impact of the full media-mix.


Fospha is really positive about any effort to break down silos between business functions, as this improves decision making. However, this is only one of the steps. Fospha CEO Sam Carter says that “The market is awash with self serving siloed data analytics services.” The missing piece, however, is independent measurement across all channels. Tools like Invoca can’t give you a comparative view of your different data sources. “You’re only looking at a limited part of the picture, and each department will claim 100% of the credit for the conversion.” What the service offers is a limited window into performance insight: meaning users will have only more unanswered questions…


By contrast, Fospha technology can interpret web, call, and customer data – (for businesses such as AVADO, Liberis and Direct Line Group to name a few). They use this insight in partnership with multi-channel data sets, in order to understand the fractional value of each touch-point on a path to conversion. CMOs need a complete picture of their marketing performance, and this is what Fospha can deliver.







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Fospha provides its clients with an accessible, centralised, and actionable data platform. Our solution can seamlessly integrate disparate performance data siloes and present clients with a comprehensive – and most importantly – accurate picture of their marketing performance. By combining MTA with an extensive list of different datasets, Fospha provides a single interface where clients can understand how buyers are interacting with their brand, understand where they’re getting the best return on investment, and optimise their marketing strategy accordingly.


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