Meet the A team: Hayley Cross, Head of Client Onboarding

Hayley leads Client Onboarding at Fospha and was previously been part of the Customer Success team. Prior to joining Fospha, Hayley was a management consultant at Accenture, working on large IT transformation projects for Retail clients.

What does your typical day-to-day with clients look like?

When onboarding new clients we typically meet on a weekly basis to track progress and ensure alignment – transparency and communication are key. We are constantly looking at our clients data and we aim to be an extension of each clients’ teams, proactively raising any valuable insights or uncovered discrepancies. If our client is facing specific challenges or targets, we’re also able to leverage our BI team to dig into any hypotheses or help tackle KPIs.

Businesses often complain about complex onboarding processes and having to wait months before getting any insights on their data. Does onboarding necessarily need to be painful?

No it doesn’t have to be painful. Typically we use a Start Small and Grow approach – we don’t try to tackle everything at once. For example, web tracking can often be implemented quickly and have a significant impact without the need for numerous more complex integrations. Installing Fospha tags on your website alone can be done in a couple of hours and once enough data has been collected, it will enable you to understand how people are getting to the website and how they interact with your website.

What do you enjoy the most about onboarding new clients?

I love the fact that we’re delivering something valuable that allows marketers to make better, independent decisions. It doesn’t need to be painful on the client side and you can see the output very quickly. What I also enjoy is that there is a lot of problem solving involved as no two clients are the same – it’s really interesting to work with different industries as a partner to solves their painpoints, allows me to learn a lot.

Where do clients usually see value?

Every client has a dedicated customer success manager that helps realize value alongside our business intelligence team as well as a 24hr customer services desk. Our solutions are customized to each client to suit/solve a specific business need, offering a real advantage over Google Analytics, for example, that is much less flexible, where the tech doesn’t come hand in hand with expert support in the form of real people, like Fospha’s products do.

Why is it important to put marketers back in control of boardroom discussions?

Information has the power to steer conversations and strategy. Some marketers rely on gut feel, and others make decisions on data. Very often, either the data is incorrect or they don’t necessarily understand what their data is showing them, which can be misleading and dangerous. Data is easy to collect and readily available, all marketers need is to have the right tools in their hands to extract valuable insights to supercharge their marketing efforts. Our clients really appreciate the ability to access their own, reliable first party data, and have full ownership of it.

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