From a background in marine geology research to tackling seismic, data-driven business challenges. Gus shares his insights on Fospha.

Meet Gus, part of our highly accomplished and talented data science team

Why did you join Fospha?

My last role was exciting, but this job had enormous potential and scope. What came across with Fospha was the collaboration between great people, talent and tech. The positive atmosphere came across during the interview process – which was a deciding factor for me to take the leap to work here.

What’s it like dealing with the various clients so far?

It is the first time I am working directly with clients… I have always been on the customer side! It is a big change, but at the same time, my past experience makes it easier to put myself in our customers’ shoes. The technical challenges keep me on my toes and I have met an amazing mix of people within Fospha and our clients.

Why is the Data Science team looking to grow right now?

There are many companies out there that want to become more data-driven – they want to remain relevant, competitive and efficient. Data and machine learning are part of the solution, but data-driven tools aren’t necessarily easy or fast to build. They require expertise and in many cases, organisational change. That’s where Fospha comes in, we support companies and staff through implementation and education… and we need more great people with great attitudes to support our expansion!

What kind of profile do you look for?

As a team, we have solutions and then we create solutions as we solve problems for our clients. That takes a certain type of person, you need to be someone who can think on their feet, move quickly and work as a team. This cannot happen without diversity. Our teams thrive on diversity, whether that’s in approach, thought process or attitude, because of the nature of our business, we look for creative, driven professionals who – no matter at what stage of their careers they are – are always willing to embrace change and who are open to learning.

What’s the most common question you get asked from candidates?

I’ve do hear ‘How long have you been with the company’ I often see this as a candidate gauging the company culture, to understand whether it’s a place they want to be and stay, there’s more to consider than just the technical aspect of the role.

Are you a natural born researcher? What keeps you interested?

I am, my curiosity, need to understand how the world works and things fit together. My ongoing research in Marine Geology keeps my research spirit tamed – however, I am happy to have found a place where basic research is not only valued, but a fundamental part of our solutions.

What are the best bits of working at Fospha so far?

The broad range of problems we are trying to solve, from music charts to e-learning and the very constructive atmosphere we have. The test and learn mentality, I love seeing how we help clients overcome challenges and deliver a positive outcome for them!

About Fospha

Fospha provides its clients with an accessible, centralised, and actionable data platform. Our solution can seamlessly integrate disparate performance data siloes and present clients with a comprehensive – and most importantly – accurate picture of their marketing performance. By combining MTA with an extensive list of different datasets, Fospha provides a single interface where clients can understand how buyers are interacting with their brand, understand where they’re getting the best return on investment, and optimise their marketing strategy accordingly.

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