From a background in behavioural economics, cognitive science and AI. Selda talks about what led her to join Fospha

The people behind data science. Selda Kao, author of peer-reviewed articles on behavioural economics, cognitive science and AI, featured in publications such as the ‘Routledge Handbook of Behavioural Economics’ talks about what led her to Fospha…..

Moving to a different continent, raising a young family and looking for a job can’t have been easy in quick succession. Does working at Fospha allow you to comfortably manage your personal life with work?

Looking for a new job in London, whilst being a full time parent and relocating occupied all my time and energy, it was daunting to begin with. The interview process with Fospha gave me hope that balancing a career and family is totally feasible. During each interview with the Fospha team, I felt warmly accepted as a mother, who has a young child and had taken a career break due to the transition. What really matters for Fospha is my skill set, potential and attitude. After joining Fospha, I am very pleased to find out that work-life balance is truly great here! Flexible working times and work from home policy allow me to schedule work around the family’s need, so when I do work I concentrate and devote myself fully. It is the quality of my delivery that is appreciated, not how late I stay in the office.

What were you doing before you came to Fospha?

I had been practicing in academic institutes for 6 years until my career took a sharp turn at the end of 2015. Since then I worked as a data scientist in a media company in my home town of Taipei, until I moved with my family to London in 2017. Whilst having to look for a new job in a new city, I decided very quickly that data science was exactly the field I wanted to continue in.

Why did you join Fospha?

When I got in touch with Fospha, its data science team was growing. However, I could feel very positive energy flowing across different teams. Everyone that I spoke to was excited about how fundamental research work can help solve business problems. I knew this was the right place for me to carry on my passion for data science and to help clients at the same time.

What’s it like dealing with the various clients so far?

There is always a gap between what data scientists think as important and interesting and what the markets really need at a moment. Talking to different clients reduces that gap drastically. By understanding clients’ real pain points, it has allowed me to put myself in their shoes and develop relevant tools for them.

Why is the Data Science team looking to grow right now?

Fospha is a quintessential data science driven company. We solve problems not only regarding marketing but also concerning many aspects of business operation. When the problems we try to solve are so diverse, we need more experts and practitioners of each building block of data science.

For anyone interested in joining the Fospha Data Science team, what do you and your colleagues look for in a candidate?

We are looking for people who are curious, motivated, and not afraid to get their hands completely dirty in data. For me it is not compulsory that the candidates have a STEM background, but it is essential that they can code their ideas so that their good ideas can be executed repeatedly. Data scientists at Fospha work very closely with other teams in the company, so it is also important that the candidate can convey their ideas well to people outside of data science.

Are you a natural born researcher? What keeps you interested?

Yes!! I am very curious in general and my family and friends sometimes complain that I ask too many questions everyday. I always want to know how things work the way they do. By asking a series of questions, I always find myself digging in to the origin of an idea. This attitude really helps me a lot in the problem solving involved in data science.

What are the best bits of working at Fospha so far?

Fospha has a great management style that values transparency, communication and delivery. We have a fully supported work-from-home policy, and there are many activities to ensure that colleagues interact with each other in more casual settings besides our daily work.

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