Juggling the Tech Titans. From Microsoft to Shazam, Ash talks about his experience since joining Fospha.

Meet Ash, from our talented business development team


What were you doing before you came to Fospha?

I was working for Shazam, the music recognition app, within the International Ad Sales dept. It was a really fun place to work, and my colleagues were great; we still meet up for beers from time to time.

Why did you join Fospha?

I wanted a new opportunity, and was drawn to Fospha as a place that is at an exciting stage of growth- I wanted to be able to influence the direction a company was taking, and some of the ideas and processes it puts in place. The biggest draw was the chance to be surrounded by the extremely intelligent data scientists, engineers, customer success and marketing teams who work here (I’m hoping that by some sort of osmosis some of their knowledge will rub off on me…)

What’s it like dealing with clients so far?

It’s good fun: a mixture of calls, meetings and other events like expos, roundtable breakfasts, and more. I feel like I’ve learned a huge amount about how different companies plan and measure their marketing, through interesting and open ended chats with a host of C-level executives at a huge range of companies, spanning various sectors.

Why is the sales team looking to grow right now?

In line with Fospha’s overall growth, we’re looking to expand our team. Our client churn is low and our marketing team have been doing amazing work in raising our profile so need good salespeople on hand to ensure our team can keep pace with client demand.

What kind of profile do you look for?

Intellectually curious self-starters with a healthy dose of fun and resilience.

What’s the most common question you get asked from candidates?

“Why’s it called Fospha?”

Are you a natural born sales professional? What’s your style?

I’m not too sure if I’m a ‘natural’, but I certainly enjoy sales and think it fits my personality. I really enjoy helping clients solve some of their more challenging issues with attribution and measurement. My style is  to listen and take time to explore with the client what it is they need and then look at how we can help them. Sparking a natural conversation with questions going both ways, is key to a great scoping meeting.

Aside from sales, what are the best bits of working at Fospha?

Friday beers, Tuesday Football, Wednesday Yoga (I’m improving, gradually…). There’s always something going on and the people are great. There’s real momentum within the business which is exactly why I joined. It’s fast paced and I get the chance to contribute to building an epic business that really helps our clients solve their problems.

About Fospha

Fospha provides its clients with an accessible, centralised, and actionable data platform. Our solution can seamlessly integrate disparate performance data siloes and present clients with a comprehensive – and most importantly – accurate picture of their marketing performance. By combining MTA with an extensive list of different datasets, Fospha provides a single interface where clients can understand how buyers are interacting with their brand, understand where they’re getting the best return on investment, and optimise their marketing strategy accordingly.

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