Measurement: the key to modern mobile marketing

Did you know that over half of UK smartphone users now purchase products on their mobile device? The fast-changing tech climate in which we live is transforming the way that we interact with the world. Devices that were once used only to call or text are now performing a plethora of tasks, and we as marketers have often failed to appreciate the impact these changes are having on our profession.

Recent data indicates that consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable with completing transactions on their smartphones, with over 40% of online transactions happening on mobile devices. This new trend is piling new pressure on brands to enhance their mobile user experiences. Those who don’t stay ahead of the curve risk losing fickle online shoppers to more tech-savvy competitors.

A recent report by Forrester Consulting found, however, that although mobile marketing efforts are increasing, marketers are continuing to use insufficient measurement practices. Only 14% of marketers measure mobile engagement though all stages of the customer journey. This means that ultimately, most marketers are only seeing snippets of reality when it comes to measurement of customer interaction with their brand on smartphones.

Measuring mobile data however, is no easy feat.

The 2018 customer journey is now almost completely unrecognisable to those in the 2000s. As mentioned, consumers are constantly jumping from one device to the next, as well as transitioning between multiple applications and websites on those devices. Earlier this year, a fospha-tracked customer journey (for an online retailer) recorded no less than 20 touchpoints across seven different channels across an entire month! And the result of all of this? Just the one sale… Easy to see why so many marketers are stumped when it comes to attribution and measurement.

There’s certainly no quick way of becoming a master of mobile marketing, but a deeper understanding of what the customer journey looks like is an incredibly valuable start. And how is this possible? Through multi-touch attribution modelling.

Fospha’s attribution solution is all about bringing consolidated, accessible data to the table. By harnessing your mobile measurement, you’ll be one step closer to reaching customers when it really matters – just before a potential conversion.