K in the Park: Snapshots of the day

As thousands descended on Glastonbury’s ‘worthy farm’ last week, 400+ people descended on Mudchute Farm in East London to attend K in the Park. Part conference, part festival, it is now an annual gathering organised by Kenshoo for clients, partners and people of influence.

Sitting alongside Googles Zeitgeist and Facebook’s Grow programme, K in the Park’s sessions were thought provoking. Here are a few summaries from the day’s sessions:

Dr Hannah Fry’s session – Hello World: How To Be Human In The Age Of The Machine

Dr Hannah Fry’s session was thought provoking and delved into the essence of AI and it’s application in real world scenarios. Algorithms are seen as precise, impartial and without bias. So why shouldn’t they help us make most of our day to day and life ? Should they be making life changing decisions? Hannah asked the audience: Would you trust an algorithm to decide whether you are innocent or guilty of a crime? Or to diagnose someone you with cancer? How about an algorithm that analysed your friendships to calculate if you were reliable enough to take out a loan?

The question put the audience to the test. If we were on trial for murder (which we were guilty of) a majority of us would prefer a human or AI judge to pass sentence, stating that humans were able to feel compassion and understand context whereas AI would struggle with that. Those who voted AI said that the impartiality and lack of bias in AI were factors in their decision.

Dr Hannah Fry certainly got the room thinking about the use case of AI and the roles of man and machine learning, posing some interesting questions that are yet to be answered.

TinyGiant – Creating the Perfect (AI) Cocktail

A fun session on a hot summer’s day that really brought the Glastonbury feel to K in the Park: TinyGiant’s AI algorithm that took charge of the cocktail menu. Mixology is all about inventing and preparing complex cocktails. It’s requires knowledge and skill, but does it necessitate a human touch or can a machine take its place?

Tiny Giants was founded by two award winning advertising creatives, Kerry and Norts. Their goal: Combine ideas with smart technology to deliver marketing that moves people.
To create these cocktails they created a Recurrent Neural Network and trained the model on hundreds of traditional cocktail recipes. This allowed the company to create a ton of exotic ingredient combinations, that will excite anyone’s palette.
Tiny Giants use AI as a creative jumpoint, but also understand the importance of adding human experience to the mix to make the cocktail a reality. The result? Bold, surprising and delicious cocktails that were enjoyed by all.

Darren Stanton – The human lie detector

TV Psychologist, Darren Stanton (aka ‘The Human Lie Detector’) delivered a fascinating session exploring the power of influence and persuasion techniques. Darren is a former police officer trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Micro-expression which he uses to decipher whether people are being honest or trying to shift liability.

Darren took members of the audience up on stage for real life role play and some psychological game playing. We now have more in-depth knowledge of what our body language gives away, and how to apply it to business scenarios. So watch out!


All of the speakers offered different perspectives on humans, AI, tech and data. What we can say is that we learnt a lot so a big thank you Kenshoo for the amazing hospitality! We look forward to attending K in the Park 2020.