Our take on Amazon’s attribution pixel test


Our take on Amazon’s attribution pixel test


What’s new? 

Amazon has announced with a dash of mystery that it’s testing a new Attribution tool. This lets advertisers compare Amazon’s effectiveness with that of other sites. It’s currently being run as a test and is only available to customers who already advertise through the platform. Users can track and compare their sales impact across multiple channels, as well as monitor page views, purchase rate and revenue.  


What’s good?  

So far, Amazon has been a pretty closed book. They’ve given advertisers and suppliers no information on attribution. Increasing transparency is positive for all parties as marketers can get a better understanding of their customers.  

The new service offers a vital comparison to existing metrics captured, for most businesses, in Google Analytics. As Connor Folley, former Amazon executive puts it, “Brands will see how much better their Amazon product detail pages convert compared to their own site. From an ROI perspective they’ll be hard-pressed to justify driving traffic elsewhere as a result.” 

This is a unique opportunity for businesses who are reliant on Amazon Sales, enabling them to see the role that display, search and media channels play on a customer’s journey to conversions. If you’ve been lucky enough to receive an invite, it’s definitely worth trying out to see what data insights they can offer and how it can help shape your marketing strategy.

The latest release from Amazon will genuinely enable businesses to gain a better understanding of their customers’ journey.  


What are the limitations?  

But although new service offers a lens into Amazon performance, the data still remains siloed. Amazon owns the data, which means that they control the results you end up seeing. This means that your marketing decisions are reliant on what they decide to share with you. 

With any partisan tool, owned by a data provider, you’re only ever looking at a limited part of the picture. Of course, Amazon’s attribution will likely show unparalleled ROI from Amazon – this is because there are no comparisons available.    

If you are interested in the whole picture, you need an independent provider. 



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