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The Direct-to-Consumer Growth Platform

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Fospha Marketing Suite

Out of the box reporting and a drag-and-drop dashboard builder answer all your marketing questions.

Cross-channel, campaign and ad reporting

See data from all ad platforms in one place, with fair and independent attribution
Measure digital and offline, impressions and clicks, all in one place for better data-driven decision making
Drill down to campaign and ad level to understand your best levers for growth
“The only place we're able to see cross-channel CAC and ROAS we can trust.”

Granular paid media optimisation

Media Performance dashboard is your one-stop-shop for granular paid media adjustments
See clear and precise recommendations of campaigns to boost, reduce and kill
Quickly see what percentage of your performance marketing is healthy spend
"Every morning we check Fospha to make informed decisions on day-to-day optimisations.”

Plan your budgets

Predictive modelling to show your optimal spend distribution by channel
Incorporate your spend and revenue targets so you can plan with confidence
Track your optimisation score over time to measure improvements in your mix
"We have massive growth targets for this year, and Budget Planner is a key part of how we allocate spend to hit them."

Fast. Flexible. Powerful.

Built for Direct-to-Consumer eCommerce.