90 Day Trial

We pride ourselves on time to value and a start small and grow approach that delivers:

  • Live dashboards available after 30 days of clean data collection
  • Insights delivered in line with appropriate reporting window (based on buying cycle)
  • An unconditional break after 90 days if we haven’t proven the value

Savings we’ve delivered for our clients:

  • AVADO saved £200,000 in AdWords spend and saw a 30% increase in ROI.
  • N1 Lounges saved 8% of their marketing budget
  • Direct Line Group saved 500 days analysts time per year.

Why Multi-Touch Attribution?

We are so confident in our multi-touch attribution product that we are happy to offer clients a 90-day trial. Providing marketing teams with a better understanding of where marketing budget is performing and where it’s not, within 90 days you’ll have built the business case through time and cost savings alone.

Multi-touch attribution (MTA) reduces customer acquisition costs for brands. MTA analyses and attributes conversion value to marketing touch-points (keywords, social channels etc.) so that marketers can understand which marketing / media is bringing in value, and the spend they can cut to make savings.

How does it work?

Fospha’s data-driven Multi-Touch Attribution product joins together channel data across the whole customer path to purchase using data stitching. Customer journey data is processed using AI machine-learning to allocate value to every brand ‘touch’ point in the path to an individual conversion. Channel cost data and CRM revenue is overlaid to provide an ROI calculation for every marketing/ media and channel.

What value will it deliver for my business?

The Fospha Marketing Suite will provide clients with access to reports and all of the insights needed to generate 5-10 x ROI within 90 days through time-saving, cost-saving and revenue growth opportunities.

1. Cost Saving

  • Eliminating waste: MTA analysis of paid media reveals the media that has not driven a lead or a sale resulting in negative ROI. This media can be retired without affecting momentum or impacting on revenue. Understanding this in the context of multi-touch ensures that the media responsible for building volume at the top of the funnel is fully optimized.
  • Avoiding fraud: Fospha’s data-driven MTA provides clients will more visibility and transparency into the customer journey, as a result the data can reveal instances where mistakes have been made, credit mis-attributed and anomalies in the data which may be due to fraudulent practices.
  • Time.

    Increase efficiency, productivity and create data infrastructure

  • Growth.

    Optimize budgets and grow revenue opportunities

  • Budget.

    Deliver cost savings, detect reporting errors and fraud

2. Time Saving

  • Increasing Efficiency: Increase efficiency, productivity and create a data infrastructure to drive efficiencies within your organisation. AI-generated savings free up time and create more head space for marketing teams to focus on strategy and growing new revenue streams.

3. Revenue Growth

  • Identify new opportunities: Use data insights to understand potential areas of revenue growth to drive innovation and marketing strategy

Get in touch with a member of our team to learn about our 90-day trial which will give you timely actionable insights to maximize your marketing ROI and drive customer lifetime value.

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