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What We Do

Fospha Data Services work with companies to drive transformation and innovation

  • We combine the best human and artificial intelligence to bridge the gap between science, engineering and commerce.
  • This helps companies consolidate, analyze and operationalize their data to unlock business intelligence and build intellectual property.

Who We Are

Fospha Data Services is a Data Science Center of Excellence

  • Leveraging Blenheim Chalcot's partnership with Imperial College London, our commitment to training and recruitment is what makes us a data science center of excellence.
  • We attract the brightest graduates and undergraduates from leading institutions worldwide and run data science research projects with institutions and commercial organisations.
  • Business Consultancy

  • Research Projects

  • Public Sector Advisors

  • Hackathons

  • Data Science Events

  • Pro Bono Charity Work

  • Run the BC Data Graduate Programme


Did you know

  • You can predict with 80% accuracy whether a student on an e-learning platform will complete a course before they have even started? With the first few months data allowing you to predict with 90% accuracy whether they will complete the course.

  • You can predict how likely your customer is to pay off their loan just by looking at the time they spent filling in the application form (and people asking for a loan at 3am are less likely to pay it back). You can understand people’s state of mind by looking at their interactions with your website.

  • Machine learning can match your customers with the mortgage or financial product that best fits their need.

Our clients

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