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Uncovering the true impact of TV on sales – Likely Loans case study


  • 1

    Understand the impact of TV on overall sales and on other channels in their marketing mix

  • 2

    Understand which TV programs generate the most sales

  • 3

    Boost engagement by identifying the optimal time and day to run TV campaigns


Understanding Channel Performance

  • Fospha Marketing collected 2 years worth of historical data (traffic data, sales data and TV data) and ingested the data into their Marketing Mix Model

  • Our Marketing Mix Model unveiled the underlying interactions between TV and other marketing channels and identified cross-channel budget optimizations.

  • Our data science model checked minute by minute when the TV ads were broadcasted and examined the impact they had on website conversions.

  • A Bayesian Network analysis helped confirm the channel interactions revealed in the model and revealed the typical paths to conversion


Fospha found that

  • TV is an important sales generator and is increasing traffic on multiple online channels.

  • Some TV programs are contributing to more sales than others - Fospha recommended to run campaigns on specific high performing programs, identified a program with growth potential and recommended the team adopt a test and learn approach

  • There is an indirect dependency of comparison websites on TV spend, which means that increasing TV spend will increase traffic on comparison websites

  • Fospha Marketing identified opportunities worth up to

    81% increase in sales

Client Testimonial

Investing spend into TV was daunting for us because we could not clearly visualise the impact it had on our sales and digital channels. We are really impressed with the valuable insights Fospha’s Marketing Mix Model uncovered. We now understand how TV is performing and know how to optimize our campaigns to generate the higher engagement and get the most out of our spend. We look forward to working with the Fospha team and exploring what more MMM has to offer.

Claire Smith, Head of Acquisition

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