Liberis are a financial technology company that provide flexible finance solutions to small businesses. Liberis's primary objective for adopting Multi-Touch attribution (MTA) was to optimize their pay-per click (PPC) budget - our keyword recommendations yielded an £88,000 increase in revenue. The partnership has since expanded to encompass their full online and offline channel mix.

A joined up strategy driven by Marketing Mix Modelling


  • 1

    Develop a joined up data-driven marketing strategy, powered by a connected view of their data

  • 2

    Understand how their marketing channels interact with each other and identify their impact on leads

  • 3

    Investigate the different levels of incrementality of Direct Mail, Facebook, and PPC


Understanding Channel Performance

  • Liberis was rapidly scaling up and investing in digital to complement their direct mail strategy. Our customer success team schedules bi-weekly meetings with the client providing the team with support to ensure the most effective allocation of marketing funds.

  • In just two weeks following data collection we were able to present to our client the outputs of our Marketing Mix Model through a bespoke consultancy report.

  • Fospha’s model ingested 272 days worth of data (traffic data, cost data, impression data and lead data) and the data science team set up a Marketing Mix Model tailored to Liberis’ specific needs.


  • Fospha’s Marketing Mix Model uncovered insights on channel incrementality, channel interaction, lasting impact of channels and optimal budget allocation for maximize cost effective customer acquisition.


Fospha found that

  • Liberis could increase their PPC spend by 27% and Facebook by 94% and still deliver incremental return on investment.

  • Direct Mail has a lasting impact of five days compared to a lasting impact of just one day for Facebook

  • There is a positive interaction between LinkedIn and Facebook. Fospha found that both channels would be most effective when Liberis coordinated cross channels campaigns

  • Pay Per Click (PPC) has more room to grow. Fospha recommended an optimal daily budget to increase PPC spend to positively impact leads

  • Fospha's recommendations identified growth opportunities worth

    +76% leads

Client Testimonial

Fospha provided a joined up view on our marketing performance allowing us to understand how our marketing channels interact. Fospha’s data science team gave us valuable recommendations directing us on where to allocate spend to increase leads and boost ROI. This data is fuelling our business and driving new revenue generating strategies.

Burcu Demir, Direct Marketing Manager

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