No1 Lounges offer award-winning airport lounges designed for all types of traveler, with fully tended bars, seasonal fresh food, a range of pre-flight services including spas and beds, and the best seats at airports throughout the UK and internationally.

N1 Lounges improved marketing channel performance and saved 8% of their marketing budget


  • 1

    Reduce pay per click (PPC) spend and understand where to redistribute marketing budget.

  • 2

    Gain accurate insights into the lifetime value (LTV) of new customers and better understand the impact of these campaigns on their behavior

  • 3

    Accurately assess the value of each marketing channel to understand how to optimize cross- channel spending more dynamically


Understanding Channel Performance

  • Fospha explored how their solutions and insights might work in tandem with No1’s existing investments, creating a roadmap that follows their areas of focus, and deliverables.

  • Fospha placed web tags to capture information about where customers were coming from.

  • Fospha built an agile and bespoke Customer Data Platform (CDP) to homogenize the data gathering process and consolidate a range of siloed and fragmented data.

  • A bespoke consultancy report was carried out to assess the impact of previous MSE campaigns.

  • Fospha delivered multiple custom reports using Data-Driven Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) outlining No1’s marketing channel performance


Fospha found that

  • Although their reports identified that the proportion of wasted budget was reasonably low, their MTA solution revealed that affiliate marketing was being overvalued by traditional attribution methods.

  • Some additional channels were being over or undervalued - Fospha recommended that N1Lounges reallocate marketing spend to the highest performing channels

  • N1Lounges could optimise their budget allocation by using the Zero Performance Keyword and Budget Planner tools, and optimize their bid optimization through Kenshoo.

  • By implementing the recommended changes, No1 were able to reduce spend on keywords, saving 8% of their marketing budget.

  • By cutting back investment into voucher code sites, No1 were able to

    reduce Year-on-Year (YoY) affiliate marketing spend by 27%.

Client Testimonial

Fospha, along with our PPC agency, helped us to work out which campaigns were underperforming, and integration with Kenshoo meant that our PPC team could spend more time helping us with broader business decisions – optimizing on copy and campaign analysis instead of managing bids manually.

Chloe Watt, Digital Marketing & Performance Manager

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