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Direct Line Group took control of their data and saved 500 days of analyst time


  • 1

    Consolidate fragmented datasets across the business.

  • 2

    Improve understanding of customers’ digital journeys to conversion.

  • 3

    Identify wasted spend & improve data efficiency to gain actionable insights.


Understanding Channel Performance

  • Fospha processed Adobe digital data daily and overlaid it with additional data sources (call center, webchat, surveys).

  • This new data was then integrated with Direct Line Group’s existing siloed data using their Customer Data Platform (CDP), to give them visibility across the entire customer journey.

  • These consolidated data streams were integrated into Direct Line Group’s visualization program, which is now refreshed daily with these new datasets and insights.


Fospha found that

  • A singular detailed view of their customers’ digital journeys also allowed DLG to identify the biggest ‘drop out’ areas in their online marketing and to highlight the economic affect these have on both conversion rate and revenue.

  • These granular insights allow them to not only understand where customers are dropping out of their journey, but also why.

  • Direct Line Group are now able to

    understand the economics

    of their customer journey

  • Fospha’s solutions saved

    approximately 500 days

    of analyst time per year

Client Testimonial

We are currently saving approximately 500 days effort per year within my team. This will only grow this year though as we branch out into more areas e.g. market and competitor data - and as we increase general use and expand our output within the department.

Dan Bennetts, Digital Insight Manager

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