AVADO is an e-learning platform that provides professional training and digital programs for high-profile companies

AVADO consolidated their data and increased ROI by 30%


  • 1

    Increase visibility of marketing channel performance & reduce reliance on AdWords

  • 2

    Gain a single view of the customer journey to conversion (including online & offline channels)

  • 3

    Improve tracking of marketing performance


Understanding Channel Performance

  • Fospha measured customer interactions with the Avado site and pulled them into a Customer Data Platform (CDP), where individual customer journeys were tracked across AVADO’s multiple online brands, devices, and marketing channels, creating a single customer view.

  • Fospha applied their Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) model to demonstrate the precise value of each customer touchpoint, replacing AVADO’s last-click approach.

  • In order to enrich AVADO’s customer view, Fospha’s team of data scientists layered in cost, sales and revenue data from AVADO’s offline customer relationship management (CRM) system, bringing the gap between online and offline.

  • Fospha integrated this data with Kenshoo (Bid Management Provider) and ran a zero-performance keyword report to identify underperforming keywords.


Fospha found that

  • 32%

    of keywords were being spent on words that played no role in historic or forecasted conversion.

  • 20%

    of keywords were under invested in, playing a role in conversion but not recognized by last-click.

  • Avado saved


    in AdWords spend

  • Fospha’s solutions yielded a

    30% increase

    in Return on Investment

Client Testimonial

Fospha’s MTA solution helps us make sense of our marketing data to enable better decisions with our spend, and their team have actively partnered with us to derive results from the data… and those results have been phenomenal.

James Elias, Managing Director

e-learning platform that provides professional training, offering face-to-face and digital programs for high-profile companies

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