SPOKE are a fast-growing retail ecommerce business, listed at #12 on the TechTrack 100 in 2019, raising £8.5m in Series B funding in June 2019 to accelerate new customer growth across a number of digital and offline channels.

From onboarding to business-critical decisions in less than 30 days


  • 1

    Prioritise a fast, agile onboarding

  • 2

    See a joined up view of online and offline activity

  • 3

    Uncover true Customer Acquisition Cost and ROI for each channel

  • 4

    Optimise their email marketing strategy


Understanding Channel Performance

  • Fospha set up 1st party data collection and stitched together the online customer journey, including Facebook/Instagram, Paid Search, SEO and Email

  • Fospha stitched offline touchpoints, including TV, Out of Home, podcasts and catalogue, into the online journeys using discount codes, the results of SPOKE’s self-attribution form and machine learning


Fospha found that

  • Customer Acquisition: Fospha enabled SPOKE to isolate the role each online and offline channel played in driving new customer acquisition, delivering an independent, accurate data-driven Cost Per Acquisition by channel. SPOKE used this to determine 2020 cross-channel budgets.

  • Email Optimisation: Fospha uncovered a new email optimisation strategy, including time of day optimisation which was implemented over the Black Friday weekend (and remains ongoing)

  • Lifetime Value: Fospha helped SPOKE to build a valuable source of customer data IP, which in turn enabled lifetime value reporting and analytics

  • Fospha took SPOKE from contract signed to board-level strategic decisions inside a month, including providing data to support their Black Friday strategy

Client Testimonial

"After our Series B investment, SPOKE was diversifying across a range of marketing channels both online and offline. Fospha helped us integrate our channel attribution data with the data we gathered directly from customers, producing the most sophisticated attribution model I've ever worked with. In particular, we were making big decisions about Above-The-Line channels for which this data was extremely helpful."

Jake Higgins , VP Growth

Other success stories

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    Fospha helped a Facebook-first Direct to Consumer brand bring down the cost of acquiring their customers by 12% while growing revenue.

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  • 25% of affiliate spend saved in Retail, no loss of revenue

    Fospha data gave Roman Originals the data they needed to save 25% of their affiliate marketing spend with no impact on revenue.

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  • Uncovering the true impact of TV on sales

    Fospha Marketing identified opportunities worth up to 81% increase in sales

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  • Optimising PPC to drive good customer behaviour

    Mandarin Oriental used Multi-Touch Attribution to uncover valuable insights on which channels are the most likely to convert profitable customers.

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  • A joined up strategy driven by Marketing Mix Modelling

    Fospha's Marketing Mix Modelling recommendations identified growth opportunities worth up to +76% in leads

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  • No1 Lounges improved marketing channel performance

    No1 were able to reduce YoY affiliate marketing spend by 27% by cutting back investment into voucher code sites.

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    Liberis drove an £88,000 increase in annual revenue by eliminating zero performance keywords and reallocating budget to the best performing.

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  • 500 days of analyst time saved per year

    Fospha built a customer data platform for Direct Line Group, unlocking insights and allowing them easy access their data saving them time and money.

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